Irene Blea, Ph. D.
Southwest, U.S.A.

Bio: Irene Blea, is a New Mexico native, who earned her Ph. D. in Sociology from the University of Colorado-Boulder. She is an accomplished author of several textbooks, academic, and popular articles. Blea retired as a Tenured, Full Professor and Chairperson of Mexican American Studies at California State University-Los Angeles. Two of her seven textbooks, Toward a Chicano Social Science, and La Chicana and the Intersection of Race, Class and Gender are considered classics in her field. Blea has written and published much poetry and one play. Suzanna is the title of Blea's first novel in a trilogy about a thirteen year old girl married off to a thirty-two year old man in 1920's New Mexico. The 2nd novel, Poor People's Flowers, continues Suzanna’s story upon arrival in Colorado, where she meets three people that change her life. The 3rd novel is titled Beneath the Super Moon; it is scheduled for release in October, 2016. Dr. Blea is an award winning academic, a New Mexico Humanities Scholar, who incorporates her cultural and scholastic knowledge of the people, language, and history of the region to render solid accounts. She is currently touring with her third historical novel, Daughters of the West Mesa, based on a true story. In her fictionalized version, Blea uses the actual timeline to introduce us to Dora, a single mother of two daughters. One of them is missing. As the case of the remains of eleven women and an unborn fetus unfolds near Dora's home, Dora deteriorates waiting to find out if her daughter is among the remains discovered.

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5 thoughts on “About

  1. I know this is random, but just got a DNA test done because I was adopted. I’m trying to find my biological parents. I was told I was related to a Carlos Romero by first cousins. He said you were his Great Aunt and might be able to help me. My parents were from New Mexico and my Grandparents on both sides were ranchers in NM. If you think you have any information it would be appreciated. My name is Kelly Kygar.

  2. Dr. Blea I am so happy to have located you. I worked with you here in Denver at Metro State. I hope that you remember me. You were a great mentor to me. I hope that you contact me.

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