Save This Date Notices

Plan ahead. This morning’s Southwest Writers meeting was great. Fiction writer, Michael McGarrity spoke about backstory and the role it plays in our writing. I generally sleep late, but I planned ahead by going to bed early, having my clothes ready, and coffee set to brew at 7:00 a.m. After the SWW meeting,  I drove to the Kokopeli’s Enchanted Doll Club meeting. I suggested we send out save-this-date notices. Example: “Keep an eye out for the upcoming doll show and conference in July, 2017, by visiting the Kokopeli’s Enchanted Doll Club Facebook page. Yes, July, 2917.” If you have an event planned, even if it’s a year away, it’s okay to send out SAVE THIS DATE notices. Keep your readers updated on events leading to the final event, and don’t forget to use free media.


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