Advertise. Don’t be shy


As a child, I was taught not to “blow your own horn.” As a woman, I was socialized to be quiet, listen. and learn. I’ve learned that when it comes to sharing my books with the public, I have to advertise. I use as much free space as I can get on social media. I also volunteer to do interviews, and have copy ready to send to those who respond. Google free advertising for more ideas. Today, I posted on my FB page that a box of book had arrived. I posted the photo of the open box and used the opportunity to once, again, advertise my upcoming presentation and book signing at the Carnegie Library, August 6th, 2:00 in Trinidad, Colorado.


Save This Date Notices

Plan ahead. This morning’s Southwest Writers meeting was great. Fiction writer, Michael McGarrity spoke about backstory and the role it plays in our writing. I generally sleep late, but I planned ahead by going to bed early, having my clothes ready, and coffee set to brew at 7:00 a.m. After the SWW meeting, ¬†I drove to the Kokopeli’s Enchanted Doll Club meeting. I suggested we send out save-this-date notices. Example: “Keep an eye out for the upcoming doll show and conference in July, 2017, by visiting the Kokopeli’s Enchanted Doll Club¬†Facebook page. Yes, July, 2917.” If you have an event planned, even if it’s a year away, it’s okay to send out SAVE THIS DATE notices. Keep your readers updated on events leading to the final event, and don’t forget to use free media.