Two Book Signings

This weekend, Saturday, I have two book signings: one at South Broadway Cultural Center, 1:00 & another Bookwooks Sunday, 3:00 in Albuquerque. After writers write their book and do the marketing via media, it is time to sign some books. Setting up book signing will be discussed later. For know, keep in mind that signing books goes beyond inviting everyone you can to your book signing. It demands conversation, setting boundaries, and being available to those who attend. Readers want to meet authors. They want to talk to them, ask them questions. Be open to this, but don’t forget to pay equal attention to those seeking your attention; especially if there are several people in line. There will be at least one person commanding all your attention. Be polite. After two or three minutes, I say to this person, “I would love to talk to you after I have a moment with those waiting. Do you mind waiting until I finish with them?” Most people don’t realize they are monopolizing your time. They generally apologize. Don’t forget to tell them you enjoy the few moments you had with them. COVER_Daughters of the West Mesa


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