My New Novel: Daughters of the West Mesa

My new novel has been release and we are working to schedule book signing as of this moment. Daughters of the West Mesa is about Dora a single mother of two daughters; one is missing. Dora buys a new house and in the field behind the house the remains of 11 young women and an unborn fetus are discovered. This is a work of fiction based on a true story, published by ABQ Press.COVER_Daughters of the West Mesa


3 thoughts on “My New Novel: Daughters of the West Mesa

  1. Irene, I met you briefly a few years ago at a workshop held at Placitas Community Library and have followed you here and on FB ever since. Even though a temporary transplant into the NM landscape I immediately felt a strong connection the spirits of the land and place. Last week I finished reading Daughters of the West Mesa, a compelling experience that challenged me to put the book down to eat and sleep. I dreamed of the story when I slept. My familiarity with Albuquerque, the friendships I developed with a few native NM families and my own experiences with personal traumas, while not as tragic as those of your story, combined to allow me to personally enter into the pages of the book. At times I was Dora’s friend, other times I felt I was Dora. I knew her daughters, I’d seen their friends. I know this work will do more than provide readers a journey, it will be a vehicle for justice and opening eyes and hearts of us all. Thank you for sharing your gifts and your heart and your passion.

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