My New Novel: Daughters of the West Mesa

My new novel has been release and we are working to schedule book signing as of this moment. Daughters of the West Mesa is about Dora a single mother of two daughters; one is missing. Dora buys a new house and in the field behind the house the remains of 11 young women and an unborn fetus are discovered. This is a work of fiction based on a true story, published by ABQ Press.COVER_Daughters of the West Mesa


Tony Hilleran Landscape Series

Tony Hillerman would have been 90 years old this year. Wordharvest is hosting a series on conferences in Albuquerque to celebrate. Below find information on how to meet great authors with ground-breaking work in the genre of mystery, thriller, screen writing, memoirs, in beautiful New Mexico. I had a great time presenting my work, Daughters of the West Mesa, and learned much at the Tony Hillerman Literary Landscape Series. The second conference is on July 23-24.