The Voice is the Point of View

An author must be clear on who is telling the story. Generally, it is the protagonist, the main character. But, it can be someone else. For today, let us focus on the fact that the voice in the story is the point of view, sometimes noted as the POV. The POV involves what the story-teller knows. If an all-powerful character, God, is telling the story, that POV knows what every person in the story is saying and doing. If a friend is telling the story, the friend only knows what happened, and what was said, when she/he was present. POV can be confusing. For now, it is important that the writer select a POV, and sticks to it until the end of the story. It might be helpful to read a few things, and try to identify the point of view, who is telling the story.  Multiple POVs, the story told from various perspectives, will be discussed soon. Any questions?


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