Your Experience Informs Your Writing

I stress once again, write what you know. Your experience is useful, especially if you are bilingual and/or bi-cultural. Your bi-cultural background informs your writing. Use other cultural words to add color to your work when writing in English. If you lack experience, do some research. Reading about something may be helpful, but actually doing it, being there, smelling, or feeling it is most valuable. There are virtual tours of cities and other places on line; but if you have an opportunity visit the city, or place. If you have a scene that takes place in a Mexican mercado, recall the sounds, colors, smells, and texture of fruits, vegetables, meat, the people and how they speak. Use your sense of smell, touch, hearing, and sight. Doing this brings your writing alive. It roots it in reality, and lends robust flavor to your story and its characters. Here is a suggestion: Describe a place using all your senses. This place may be a Baptismal in a Catholic Church, lunchtime in a neighborhood restaurant, walking through the Spanish Market in Santa Fe.


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