Writers and Bloggers

Fellow writers and bloggers, I am delighted to network with you, for we have similar interests. How have you introduced yourself lately? I propose we take ownership of what we do and say proudly to others, “I am a writer.” “I am an author.” “I am a poet.” “I am a novelist.” “I write nonfiction.” “I am a writer managing a blog.” These are powerful words for they establish ownership of what we do. It also establishes an element of one’s identity in the mind of our audience, and in the person speaking. Relax, most of the public likes writers. For the person not yet comfortable identifying themselves as a writer, it eases the journey toward this goal; and it creates confidence. Share your experience on this subject with me and with others.


Writing Dialog

In order to write better dialogue, listen to how and when people talk. Take notes. When writing Poor People’s Flowers I researched German accents while speaking English on the Internet. It helped me create a better profile the priest. Below, I share with you a post from the Writers to Writers FB page.


Awards, Honors, and Recognition for Your Work

I am being inducted onto the Wall of Honor at my high school. They honor my work as a scholar, author, and community activist. As writers our goal is to be read because we have something to say, write it. If awards, honors and recognition do not come easy, hang in there. We may, like so many others have experienced, be a success overnight after twenty years. Do not be discouraged. Keep your goal in mind. Our job is to write; write because you have something to say. Know that what you have to relate is worthwhile.


Writing Contests

We may, or may not, receive the Nobel Prize for Literature (see the attached link below). However, we can read and learn from the work of those who win, and submit our work to various contests. Some require a fee, some don’t. Some render us feedback on our work. The goal it to get our writing before the eyes of those in positions to make us better writers.