For those who write nonfiction

I been asked if I want to write another nonfiction book on race and gender relations. I’m considering it because I want to present solutions. If you write nonfiction, review the literature and ask yourself what do have to say that has not been said? If I accept the opportunity to write another nonfiction book on racism and sexism I must address the issues, but with very little emphasis on the fact that they exist, but on what can be done to make the U. S. a better place for all of us.


Character Development

For each character in your work, develop a character profile. How does the character look, speak, stand, sit, eat? What are it’s habits, likes, dislikes? What does it believe about people, God, the environment? The list is long and writers often write many pages regarding the characters that do not get into the final product but show up in the quality of the work. Happy writing. Write because you enjoy it.