SETTING: Where your story takes place

The setting is where your story takes place. It’s more than the town, city, state, country in which your characters exist. It is where they take action. That place has several elements to it. In my novel Suzanna, the first in a trilogy, the story begins in a village at the foothills of the Sangre de Cristro Mountains in northern New Mexico, a unique environment in relative isolation with a small population, all of who know one another’s story. They gossip, talk politics, share good and negative feelings; but it is much more than that. Suzanna, her grandparents, the villagers live with the weather, drought, rain, wind, sun. They have certain beliefs about witchcraft, their history, the stars, the flower and fauna. All this, and more, goes in creating the setting.


2 thoughts on “SETTING: Where your story takes place

  1. Very well put regarding the importance of a good story. We forget the lack of information provided can be detrimental to establishing a character if we don’t make their surroundings as real as them.

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